First class cuisine

First Class Food

All the food on board of the ships will be at the highest standards. The gastronomic delights, whilst savouring the scenic beauty of the Thames, will charm everyone aboard.

Gastronomic enjoyment
The ship’s crew will take care of everything, providing you with an excellent service to ensure the best experience. The first-rate menus combined with the scenic route on the Thames will make this trip unforgettable. Drinks such as wine, beer and soft drinks are included. During the cruises and deck parties we offer three different kinds of catering: Finger Food, Luxury Buffet or Walking Dinner. These catering options are designed to match the heritage of a traditional Tall Ship that sails the globe.

Finger Food consists of several sweet and savoury snacks will compliment your cruise. This includes sweet table snacks from the country of origin of the ship like Dutch caramel waffles and sugar pretzels, or traditional English muffins. The savoury snacks include little treats like sausage rolls or chicken yakitori with spring onions. During the cruise the serving crew will bring these snack to you and your guests while you will enjoy the magnificent view from the deck of the ship.

The Luxury Buffet consists of various exciting hot and cold dishes that illustrate the rich culinary heritage that has influenced these ships in their travels across the globe.

The Walking Dinner consists 8 courses of Canapes and Bowl Food that the serving crew brings to you and your guests over the duration of the cruise. These are beautiful and exciting small dishes that combine modern cuisine with traditional seafarers ingredients. This Walking Dinner will perfect the authenticity and tradition of the Sail Royal Greenwich experience.

All catering menus include a vegetarian option.

If you would like to know more about the catering, please fill in an information request form.

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